Goldbeard's Quest Promotional Image.

Dwarves, Gold, Skeletons, Skulls and Dragons, Goldbeard’s Quest has it all!

Goldbeard's Quest is a 2D platformer that has you playing the role of the an unsuspecting dwarf. When the Queen of the Dwarven kingdom discovers that the Dwarf Kings’ huge party has spent every last coin and drank every last drop of ale she goes to the one dwarf she knows she can trust, Goldbeard.

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Sub-Species Promotional Image.

Sub-Species, underwater shoot 'em up adventure!

Sub-Species is a 2.5D Shooter for the PC, in which your submarine can rotate 360° in order to blast alien sea monsters that will be coming at you from all angles. The world is being over run with aliens every since a meteor crashed into the ocean.

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