Big thanks to Zack at Alpha Beta Gamer!

Huge thanks to  at Alpha Beta Gamer for his Press release article on Trench! You can read it here:

PixelDynamo Article

The good people at wrote a very honest review of our game with some very sincere feedback. You can check it out here:

Press Release Article on

The awesome folks at wrote this great article about Trench after we had officially put the demo on Steam Greenlight. Check it out here:

Surprise article by

A huge big, surprised thank you to the guys at for this awesome article they wrote about Howlinghamster and our upcoming title, Trench.

First poster/box art for Trench

Picture of Trench Box Art by HowlinghamsterFirst poster for Trench, nearly ready for Demo launch & Steam Greenlight

A close up of the mines and flares

The detail on therse guys can be lost in game, especially the flare which is very hard to see with all the lighting effects attached to it. So here is a look at them as theuy are before launch


Armour Power Up

There is an armour power up in the demo and it turns the sub from yellow to red. We are having an ongoing debate as to red is a suitable color.