Workload squared

Productivity had been at an all time low recently due to a series of aflictions hitting the frail old geezer that does the programming.
So some stuff has had to be doubled up on whenever possible.

Trench Gameplay clip

Some video footage of the sub driving past some background fish that Trevor has just added.

Our very own Personal QR Code!

We made this awesome, personalised QR code using Codacast a new, Galway Based company! Check 'em out:

Trench Splash Screen

Thanks again everyone for all the feedback on the 2 splash screens we put up last week. As recommended by a lot of you we combined them

Underwater hell!

I've just completed some work on a spooky soundscape for Trench! Needs a few more tweaks but for now, have a listen and shiver yourself to sleep! surprise

SEO Finally paying off!

our site has finally sprouted it's sitelinks! It's sad but this is the type of thing that gets geeks like me, the web dev excited!