Back in the acid mines Pt.2

Back in the acid mine for 1 last push to deliver the demo.

Boss in the game and walking about

Took a little while but we have the Big Boss for the demo finally in and moving about the way we want

Trials of a game artist.

From our artist,Trevor, outlining some pitfalls of 3D modeling #gamdev #indiedev #indiegamedev

Isn't she pretty

Trevor has finished texturing our sexy big boss lady

The Boss

This is the model for our big boss on our Trench Demo. Cant wait to see it after Trevor has him skinned and rigged

Splash Screen for demo

Trevor just knocked this bad boy out for the demo

No more freezing our ass off

We are pulling out all the stops so the the chill of the season will not hamper the game dev. we've toastie toe toes with this bad boy. Living the dream baby!