New Screenshot

First time we've let anyone outside the dining room have a peek at the demo we're working on.

Our awesome sound studio

Who doesn’t love a day of making a complete horlicks of themselves recording sound bites and then cringing as you have to listen to your voice being played back over and over. 

The fun never stops.

What does a "squid" sound like?

As resident sound engineer one meets some odd challenges at times. This however is the biggest yet. What does a "squid" sound like?, well apparently here it is folks:

Back to work in the acid mines

Having moved back how for a few weeks to get some shit together we are one again back in the "offices" of Howling Hamster.

We are giving ourselves 3 weeks to get the demo finish and if we dont manage it we are going to sacrifice Steven to our Hamster God.

Screenshot from the upcoming demo, had to steal it while Trevor wasn't looking, he doesn't want anyone seeing it until he is happy with the finished demo. So dont tell him it here

Hello Everybody

We are currently working on our new game, Trench, where you will pilot an attack sub into to deepest parts of the ocean and blast the shit out of enormous sea monsters. Now how could that not be fun, kicking ass and saving the world.

The 3 of us have been working on this from home for a couple of months but now to get things together for the announcment of the game we have rented an office for a month. Office might be a bit strong, its actually the dining room in my nephews house, but for now it's the home of the Howling Hamster and we love it