Ahh, the Cloud! That's not Steam, that's smoke!

Manus has been hard at work rewriting code and reworking the battle mode to get it working on a network! After only a few days of trying and testing, (with just a smidgen of swearing), we finally have the bones of a networked, multiplayer mode! It's early days yet and there are heaps of variables that have to be factored in and weighed up before we'll have anything to make publicly available but for the most part, we're working hard on it and it's coming together. With each victory however, comes a price. Shortly after taking the footage and some photographs to show you guys the Multiplayer working in real life, Manus's machine gave out a loud bang and died. The cause of this was a dodgy power supply unity and not, anything to do with the game which was running smoothly and continues to run well on our other machines. It's less than a week till Synapse and this was the last thing we needed but it seems to be a rule that with a deadline looming, the Gods of gamedev rarely throw a kind glance upon our efforts! Needless to say, we're getting on with it regardless and will still be demoing Sub-Species next Wednesday! See you there!