Hey look, another deadline!

It's been a month since the release of our first mobile game, Goldbeard's Quest but it hasn't been all dwarven heroics and treasure hoarding. Making Goldbeard was fun, it was a welcome break from PC development and it's great to be able to say we have a product on the market, but focus has finally shifted back to our main project, Sub-Species (previously entitled “Trench”).

Though we took the Winter months to re-develop Goldbeard's Quest, we spent much of this time also planning our next steps with development of Sub-Species. In May last year, after 43 days of being on Steam, Sub-species finally got greenlit and this was a huge deal for us. This was in no doubt due to the fact that we had a publicly available 2 level demo which also got a few decent playthroughs from some youtubers at the time. Since then, we made the decision to take down the demo as we began to overhaul the control scheme and graphics. We've spent a long time without an available demo of the game as we feel that the previous build is now but a poor reflection of the game in it's current, more developed state.

Person using game controller

The true dark Art!

The world of Game marketing is a universe away from that of game development and those who call programming “A dark art” have clearly never compared it to the mysterious craft of successful game marketing. As three Game developers, we are novices to the marketing side and have only the limited experiences of other, similar developers to go on. Video games are different than almost every other tech product out there. In the world of tech products that focus on the solution of some problem and to “make the world a better place”, games simply don't fit in. Video games do not exist to solve any great problem, but they do serve to solve one very particular issue faced by millions worldwide; the need for entertainment. It's not the goal of the average game developer to “make the world a better place” but it is our duty to make it a more fun, engaging place to live. All this being said, there's no point in making a fun, awesome game that no one's ever going to see. With this in mind, as developers we've started to consider ways of getting the word out about Sub-species and have been researching video game publishers to see what they can do for us in the way of getting our game noticed. As a result of this we've made a plan to have a really polished second demo that we can show to people and give them a sense of what the finished product will look and play like, that is our primary goal right now, to have this ready sometime in the coming months. Due to our limited resources and ever contracting timeframe, we were not able to make GDC this year however, our head coder, Manus will be heading to EGX Rezzed in London this April and we aim to have something new and awesome for him to show there, all going well.

Road ahead!

We have a busy few months ahead of us but the plans have been set and the first mile of the road ahead is visible right now at least. Stay tuned for updates and keep an eye out for that new demo that we know people will enjoy playing.