Less than a week to BroCon and there is panic in the dining room

Next weekend we’ll be traveling to Brocon to show off the new and improved Demo of Trench and the panic is starting to set in. The art department's hand has seized up a couple of times already this week trying to get the assets for the Arctic level completed, the IT department's computer has started to make sounds that are, to say the very least not encouraging, to be honest if it was a living creature the humane thing to do would be to put it out of its misery, and in the back of all our mind’s looms the fact that we’re doing a panel at Brocon.

None of us have every taken part in a panel and there is no point in denying that the idea fills us all with dread. We’re worried about everything, will anyone show up, if anyone does show up will they be packing rotten fruit, what in the world will we talk about or what happens when we’re asked a question that we have no idea how to answer. There is just no shaking the feeling that this could turn out to be a train wreck, come to think of it I suppose that might be reason enough for people turn up.

So if you are in the area next weekend please pop in to Brocon and give the new demo a go and anyone with an interest in watching us make complete spanners out of ourselves the panel is on at 5pm on Saturday.