On The Road Again!

This week saw 2/3 of Howling Hamster pack their machines into the car and hit the road to Dublin. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to be the official partners to Student-Talks, a national conference series for students and early career professionals. So we got to show off Sub-Species and Goldbeard’s Quest to about 300 students from all around the country and both games received a great reception. We have been tampering with the movement of the submarine lately, adding drift to its movement when you change direction and were worried about how players would receive the changes but everyone that tried the game really like the way the controls felt. We also got to roll out Goldbeard chest again with everyone at Student talk getting a key to try and open it. Just like Akumakon, it took most of the day before Soraya found the right key and won the bottle of wine locked inside.




Meanwhile back in the Hamster Cage, Trevor spent the week creating a new monster and working on getting the terrain fully polished. With our new aim to have a new demo for you all to try ready next month we are thinking of getting a cot for him to sleep at the office. With a new demo on the horizon we've been talking about how we should go about getting YouTubers to do playthroughs. We will be reaching out to the awesome legends that covered our demo we had last year during our Greenlight campaign OverworldTNTPig, Anxious Cynic, TheHysteriaMan, Kintinue, SDSK and JosNitros to name but a few.

While we’d love to get as many playthroughs as we can we are one again faced with the mystery of how to successfully contact YouTubers. While doing some research on this last week I came across a short, simple and excellent blog by Xavier Sythe:

What You Need To Know About YouTube Coverage - In 30 Seconds

(Definitely worth a look)

So if anyone has any tips, or if you're a YouTuber or know any YouTubers you think might be interested in doing a play through of Sub-Species please feel free to contact us and let us know.