Game Dev Workshops were a Success

Trevor teaching the Game Art Workshop

In association with the Galway Game Jam, we ran a three-day crash course in Game Development. The three days were spread out across three weeks, taking place in BOI's Workbench on Saturdays and covered art for games, Sound Design for games and finally, scripting using Unity 3D. The concept behind these workshops was to give absolute beginners an insight into the vast field of Gamedev and ultimately, to give them the skills necessary to take part in this month’s Galway Game Jam which takes place this Saturday, Aug. 27th in ThePorterShed.

Huge thanks to everyone who attended, it was awesome to be able to share our knowledge with you all.

Manus teaching everyone how to use Unity 3D
Steven teaching the Sound Design for Games Workshop
Manus teaching everyone how to code in C#
Steven teaching everyone how shaoe and design Sound Waveforms

Find us at Brocon!

Want to try out our latest Demo of Trench before anyone else? Want to meet the Howlinghamster team and hear about the trials and tribulations of game development in Ireland? Well now you can! This weekend we will be demoing Trench at Brocon 2015 in  University of Limerick and on Saturday at 5p.m., we'll be doing a panel about the ups and downs of developing indie games in the West of Ireland. See you there! We can't wait! laugh